Vietnamese Translator Volunteer

Texas GSA Network is seeking Vietnamese Translator Volunteers!

Position Title: Vietnamese Translator Volunteer

The Vietnamese Translator Volunteer will translate each component (40+ individual documents) of the Texas GSA Toolkit from English to Vietnamese to ensure clarity and consistency, and that word choices and grammar are empowering for youth of all sexual orientations and gender identities, and aligned with the mission, vision and values of Out Youth’s Texas GSA Network.


Out Youth's Texas GSA Network connects and empowers youth leaders statewide so they can fearlessly be themselves while making schools safer for everyone. Research has shown that the presence of GSA clubs in schools not only has many positive effects on LGBTQIA2+ students, but all youth in schools with GSAs benefit from a learning environment where bigotry is unacceptable. Helping the Texas GSA Network ensure the quality of materials being distributed in Vietnamese to GSAs in middle and high schools across the state not only models for young LGBTQIA+ folks that there are adults throughout Texas dedicated to equality for people of all genders and sexual orientations, but also creates resources for Vietnamese-speaking LGBTQAI+ youth everywhere.

Responsible To:
Heather Frederick (they/them/theirs), Texas GSA Network Coordinator-  

Desired Outcome:
Ensure that the Vietnamese Texas GSA Toolkit is clear, useful, accessible, inclusive and empowering for all Vietnamese-speaking students, teachers, faculty advisors and staff across Texas.

Required Competencies/Qualifications/Skills:

  • Part-time availability 5 hours (or more) each week

  • Highly motivated self-starter

  • Advanced-level written Vietnamese skills a must- applicants will be tested

  • Must be very familiar with Vietnamese vocabulary on issues of sexuality, gender and social justice and be comfortable communicating in writing on such topics

  • Exquisite attention to detail

  • Supply own email, internet and computer

  • Must be comfortable working digitally in Google Suite

  • Must be comfortable collaborating virtually with other volunteers and the Texas GSA Network Coordinator

  • Must be 18+

Desirable Competencies/Qualifications/Skills:

  • Previous copy editing experience strongly preferred

  • Previous volunteer experience

  • Activism within the LGBTQAI+ community

Orientation and Training:
All qualified applicants will be given an interview via video chat, which serves as orientation. Background checks and references are required. Qualified candidates must pass the required writing test for Vietnamese Translator Volunteers to be accepted for the position.

Time Commitment:
5 hours (or more) per week for at least 3 months

Take action aligned with your values and build community for LGBTQIA+ youth and allies across the state! Gain valuable translation experience and get a jump start on professional networking by getting to know your fellow volunteers. Spend your time doing work that matters! All volunteers who meet the weekly and monthly time commitments, and quantitative targets, will receive a certification of thanks from Out Youth’s Texas GSA Network. Outstanding volunteers may qualify for a personalized letter of recommendation.

Essential Functions:
Volunteers in this position will constantly use Google Docs/a computer/the internet to read, translate and edit Toolkit components. Volunteers will communicate via email with other volunteers, and via email and phone with the Texas GSA Network Coordinator as needed. Volunteers must provide their own phone, computer, internet and work environment, and pass a written Vietnamese certification online to perform the functions of this role. Volunteers should have the vocabulary in Vietnamese to write about and discuss a variety of topics, especially those related to the LGBTQAI+ community.

A successful Vietnamese Translator Volunteer will be a reliable person who pays meticulous attention to detail, is comfortable and capable virtually reading, writing and editing Vietnamese content related to sexuality and gender, is able to work independently in a home office and digitally collaborate with other volunteers, and preferably has experience translating written English to written Vietnamese.

Philosophy of Volunteerism:

Out Youth’s Texas GSA Network is inherently built upon the work and contributions of volunteers – GSAs are student-organized and student-led clubs overseen by volunteer faculty advisors. School-based volunteers of all ages lead the way in their communities and help guide the Texas GSA Network where to devote time, energy and funds to help each unique GSA create a school where LGBTQIA2+ youth and allies can shine by working to eradicate homophobia, transphobia, biphobia, and all other forms of oppression. Volunteers offsite help guarantee that the Texas GSA Network programming in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Chinese is clear, useful, accessible, inclusive, and empowering for all students, teachers, faculty advisors, and school staff across Texas.

Send any questions regarding this posting to No phone calls will be accepted. The listing will remain open until filled.

To Apply:

Send your cover letter, resume, and references, in PDF format by email to


The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by individuals assigned to this position. All personnel will periodically be evaluated on their assignments.

Heather Frederick