Stories & Numbers

The Stories & Numbers project is designed to help students, parents and school personnel create safe schools for LGBT and all youth in Texas by combining their stories with new research about what works.

inclusive policies.png

Inclusive, enumerated policies

Enumerated policies signal to school personnel and students that LGBTQ-based discrimination should not be tolerated.

personnel training.png

school personnel support and training

When school personnel intervene to stop negative comments LGBTQ+ students experience many protective benefits.


student-led clubs (gender & sexuality alliances)

The benefits of GSAs apply to all students — not only LGBTQ+ students, and not only club members.

Resources curricula.png

access to lgbtq-related resources and curricula

LGBT-related curricula are linked to academic achievement and student health.

Drawing from the research findings, each section of the policy brief includes recommendations for multiple audiences, including:

  • policy-makers,

  • professional associations in the field of education,

  • schools of education,

  • school personnel,

  • parents, and

  • students.